Equipments For Various Types Of Laboratory
Computational laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
I C Engine Laboratory
Chemical Engineering Laboratory
Civil Engineering Laboratory
Agricultural Engineering Laboratory
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratory
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
Mechatronics Engineering laboratory
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
Strength of Materials Laboratory
Structural Engineering Laboratory
Survey Laboratory
Thermo dynamic Laboratory
Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory
Automobile Engineering Laboratory
Hydraulics Laboratory
Fluid power Laboratory
Instrumentation Laboratory
Refrigeration and Air conditioning Laboratory
Theory of Machine Laboratory
Electronics and Communication Laboratory
Microwave Laboratory
Analog/digital Communication Laboratory
Digital Electronics Laboratory
Microcontroller Laboratory.
Visual equipments ( Projectors )
Microtomy Equipments
Microscopy equipments
Clean air system
Heat and refrigeration system
Blood banking
General lab system
Pharmaceutical & Pharmacology equipments
Medical Anatomy instruments
Electronic Analytic instruments
Chemical Engineering Laboratory Equipments
Electrical & Electronics Laboratory Equipments
Differential protection relay Distribution Trainer Transformer Trainer Transmission Line Stimulator Two channel high
resolution Oscilloscope

And Many More. Details Can Be Obtained On Request...
Automated Transformer
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Equipments
Cavitation Demonstration
unit (Mech)
CNC Lathe Trainer Flow Measurement appratus Fluid Friction Apparatus Filter press

And Many More. Details Can Be Obtained On Request...
Pitot tube 300mm Venturimeter Versatile data aquisition Syatem
Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipments
Deodorising unit Fluid friction apparatus civil Sharp edge Orifice Ribbon cone & blender SS water distiller
Computerised pressure
measurment bench
Computerized Pressure
guage calibration equipment
Computerized flowmeter
calibration equipment
Computerized Pressure
guage calibration equipment
Computerized Venturi meter

And Many More. Details Can Be Obtained On Request...
Volumetric Hydraulic bench
Agricultural Laboratory Equipments
Standard medium rang
Statke Rice Mill
Vacuum Ovens Laboratory Refrigeration Unit Grinder Hammer mill
And Many More. Details Can Be Obtained On Request...
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